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Switchable Glass

Switchable Glass or Privacy Glass allows instant privacy at the flick of a switch. When a 65V AC electrical current is passed through the glass it instantly changes from opaque to translucent. When the power is removed from the glass it instantly changes back to an opaque state

Switchable Glass is a robust product that is manufactured using 2 pieces of glass (normally Toughened) with a liquid crystal film and EVA bonding materials between the glass which is then laminated at precise temperatures to produce a switchable privacy safety glass product. It is the LC Film within the glass that provides either the opaque privacy (no power) or translucent (power applied) condition. A power conditioner is used to keep the input power at a constant regulated voltage.


There are endless applications for Switchable Glass, examples of which can been found in our Case studies page. It can be combined with a number of other solutions e.g. sound isolation as described in our Solutions page. For more technical information on our switchable glass you van go to our Specification page

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